Mallorca Travel Guide

Anyone who has been to the Island of Mallorca considers it as a tropical paradise. It is truly a dream destination for those people who love to wander in a gorgeous stretch of pristine white sand next to blue water under the heat of the sun. Here you can find the most envied tropical beaches in Europe.

Mallorca, most commonly called as Majorca to non-Spanish tourists, is one of the, if not the most popular among the Mediterranean islands in Spain. Each year, it draws millions of tourists who marvel at the beauty of its beaches and resorts. However, browsing over our pages here in will let you know that there is more to the beautiful beaches in the island other than the water, sand, and sun.

What you’ll get reading through our pages?

For a start, you’ll get to be introduced to the island city – where it’s located, its history, what it is famous for as well as its geography. You’ll also learn about how to get to and around the city so you won’t have any troubles booking your flights or scheduling your trips. To make your travel less stressful, we’ve also provided a list of the accommodation options when in the city; each picked carefully to fit your particular needs or requirements (budget, itinerary, etc.).

Speaking of list, we’ve also provided separate pages to help you design your trips, whether you intend for a weekend, a long weekend, a week, or even a day trip to Mallorca. We even have a whole page of tips and advice for a smooth travel around the island. And while at it, you can also look at our pages tackling about the weather and best times to visit the island city, respectively.

With the desire to be your travel partner in Mallorca, we also have pages dedicated to the top attractions in the city. Simply put, the places most tourists visit when going to Mallorca, this include landmarks, museums, architecture, even the famous night spots! You also need not worry about food too because we have a page exclusively for the food and restaurants in Mallorca.

So if you are thinking about a good adventure during summer, think of Mallorca. And as you prepare for your trip, let us be your guide for a worry-free and well-informed trip to the Spanish Mediterranean island.

Now ready for the adventure?