TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca, celebrates 10th Anniversary

tui marathon anniversaryAn increase of 19 percent participants was achieved by the 10th TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca which celebrated their anniversary marathon last October 18 to 20. With a total of 10, 893 athletes from 62 different countries, the event was said to be record breaking.

These countries have participated in the Marathon, Half-marathon, and 10 000m, Nordic Walking and Kids Race. With a running distance of 42.195 km, 1780 runners have participated in the marathon. For the half marathon, 4009 runners joined in. The PURAVIDA Resort 10-km has attracted the 2836 participants and then there were 268 walkers for the Nordic Walking. On October 19, Unicef Kids Run was held with 2000 young runners who became part of the event.

In the male category of the Marathon, Miguel Capo Soler , who is from Spain, was named as the fastest marathon winner with a finishing time of 2:35:16. He has achieved this title neither for the first time nor the second time but for the fifth time. On the other hand, Piotr Suchenia of Poland made it to the second place with a time of 2:36:21. He was then followed by Jesus Peralta Aguilar of Spain after making it to the finish line at 2:36:26. In the female category, Sonja Oberem of Germany bagged the first place after achieving a time of 3:03:46. She was followed by Linda Vanlommel with 3:10:41 as her time to finish the race and then placed third is Lucia Pasamar Marquez (3:13:41).

For the half marathon, Michael Lang made it first for the men’s category having a recorded time of 1:10:25. He was followed by Dominic Arnold and Keith Hood who came in second and third. For the female category, Jessie Sanzos of Great Britain took the lead with a finishing time of 1:22:04. For the second place, Marga Fullana Riera have made it with her 1:23:01 recorded time followed by Maria Ramis Esteva (1:23:10). Both of them are from the Spain.

As for the Unicef Kids Run, since it lives its motto “Kids run for Kids,” the TUI donates five Euros for every child who is involved in the run. This donation goes to the drinking water project “Water for Niger – every dropcounts.” A total of €10,000 Euro was successfully donated to Unicef.

It is never too late to experience the marathon. The registration is now open for all of those who are interested.