More about DILO

More about DILO

DILO, a Spanish language school in Mallorca, has many learning options for students. General and combined classes are great for individuals who like to spend some or all of their time in a group setting, but individual courses are better for those who like a one-on-one approach.

To take individual courses through DILO, students must be at least 16 years old. If they are under 18, however, students must have permission from their parents. Both complete beginners and people who are almost fluent can benefit from this package. Since classes are taught by a native speaker, it’s easier for students to pick up on the local dialect and accent.

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By default, the individual courses package offers two weeks of lessons. Students work two hours per day for five days per week, meaning that they’ll have a total of 20 classroom hours completed by the time that they’re done. If students aren’t available for the full two weeks or would like the chance to learn even more Spanish, DILO can arrange for a shorter or longer program.

If individuals enroll in DILO’s individual courses program, they’ll have access to all the facilities on the property and will have tourist information at their disposal. Activities for free time are also offered. They’ll also take a Spanish proficiency test. Once students finish the program, they’ll receive a certificate of completion.

While transportation and accommodations aren’t offered as part of the program, workers from DILO are available to pick up students at the airport and drop them back off for an additional fee. Sleeping arrangements can be made if needed – those who stay overnight sleep in the same building as the school. Students can also choose to eat lunch at the facility if they would like.

Taking individual courses from DILO is a great idea for anyone who wants to improve his or her Spanish abilities with the help of a native speaker.