Mallorca is a highly popular island for holiday destination that continues to attract its fair share of visitors each year. Aside from the wonderful sceneries and historical architectures, one of the many things this island offer is their lively nightlife. Actually, a lot of visitors venture to the island solely for this reason. The island’s nightlife offers something for everyone, no matter what your age group or preference is. Whether you prefer to attend international to local, experience Nits a la Fresca with the locals, watch world-class shows in theaters, socialize in bars, party till dawn in busy clubs or simply chill-out with your friends on one of the many chic cafes.

Here is a short list of some what-to-do in Mallorca at night:

Attend Concerts

Every year, Mallorca manages to attract famous international artists to perform live in one of its many venues including Palma Arena, Palma Auditorium, ONO (football) stadium, and in other venues scattered across the island. The local music scene is also worth checking out. You can catch them in most bars in the island.


Enjoy Nits a la Fresca

The capital city of Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca comes extra lively every summer nights. The locals host outdoor cultural events under the direction of “Nits a la Fresca” (Cool Nights). Nits a la Fresca intend to enjoy the serene nights of summer filled with outdoor cultural events including dance, music, movie, story-telling, circus, etc. Parc de la Mar, in front of the cathedral is where the projection takes place.

Watch Shows in Theater

Mallorca offers world class entertainment in the form of several famous shows. Apart from the well-known Pirates Show that have entertained spectators for almost 30 years, another amazing show that you should not miss is Come Fly with Me. The show promises an unforgettable night at the Globo Balear Theatre (Gran Casino Theatre) as world class acrobatics bring to life the legendary music of Frank Sinatra and other great hits of the swing era.

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