Mallorca’s gift of wonderful Mediterranean Sea and magnificent Sierra Tramuntana offers the perfect holiday destination. And do you know what could make it extra perfect? A company of good people and food! On the other hand, if you are worried because your company or even you to be a picky eater, the island has a solution for that. The island’s bars, cafes and restaurants offer a wide variety of food, from traditional (Mallorcan and Spanish), Mediterranean, Asian (like Japanese), Grande (or Haute) to fusion cuisines, that could surely make your mouth drool.

Michelin Star Restaurants
As for 2012, according to the Michelin Guide, the 5 best restaurants on the island include:
Chef Gerhard Schwaiger’s Tristán in Puerto Portals offers innovative cuisine which combines technical mastery with the quality of the product and some unique introductions in the menu.

Es Fum ( located in 5-star St Regis Mardavall hotel) offers creative international style cuisine in an elegant classic but current line ambient.

Chef Joseph Sauerschell’s Es Racó d’Es Teix (located in in a charming stone house in Deia) prepares a creative cuisine with fine care of all the details

Jardín (located in Port d’ Alcúdia) services signature dishes that show high technical levels of the Chef Zaranda (located in Llucmajor)
this restaurant produces cuisine that revolves around various menus.

Palma’s Restaurants

Aside from Mallorca’s coastline, which is sprinkled with great restaurants and the magnificent Sierra Tramuntana, which makes a romantic backdrop to countryside dining, the capital city of the island, Palma de Mallorca is a foodie’s paradise. There are a number of restaurants that caters world class cuisines and service. For the sake of naming a few, here’s the following:

Tomeu Martí’s Arume Sushi Bar – offers a Japanese-Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

Misa Braseria – presents exciting cuisine of Mediterranean influences.

Famous British chef Marc Fosh’s Simply Fosh – produces Mediterranean cuisine which highlights on creating simple but imaginative dishes using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

Tasca de Blanquerna – serves one of the best regional Spanish cuisines.