Mallorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean. It is the largest and the most admired among the Balearic Islands. The most of the island’s south coast is filled with rocky cliffs with beaches and coves, with the interior that is largely made up of the lush plain known as Es Pla. The east coast has sandy bays and open beaches, which continues to attract majority of the island’s tourists. Here is a guide to Mallorca and popular tourist’s stops to help you get the most out of your visit.

1. Get to Know Mallorca

You may want to start your day trip to explore more closely Mallorca’s rich History. The island is also known for its colorful history. The old infrastructures have now become fascinating tourist spots. The island is packed with old houses, buildings and churches. The following are some of the most famous historical attractions here that are definitely a must see namely Bellver ,which means beautiful view is a Gothic style, 14th century, circular Castle found on a hill 3 km northwest of Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca’s spiritual core, Monestir de Nostra Senyora de Lluc (Santuari de Lluc for short) is the island’s oldest holy site, situated in the north of the island. And Palma La Seu Cathedral (or simply La Seu) is Mallorca’s magnificent 14th century Gothic Cathedral which house many archaeological attractions and historical artifacts.

2. Discover and Unwind

Sightseeing is also a fun way to discover Mallorca. Mallorca offers the rather perfect weather to enjoy its’ beaches, mountains ranges and caves. Most of the island’s best beaches are on the east and north and along parts of the south coasts. Along the island’s northern coast is Sierra de Tramuntana, which was recognized by World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2011 for being in great Physical and Cultural significance. At its north-east end, another mountain with splendid beauty is famous, Formentor peninsula. Caves in the island have also become a famous attraction in the entire island. The most striking caves are Caves of Drach (Coves del Drach), Caves of Arta and the Caves of Hams.Here are some of the caves to visit:

Caves of Drach (Coves del Drach) (Area: Carretera Cuevas, s/n, 07680 Porto Cristo / Phone: +34 971 82 07 53)
Caves of Arta (Area: Carretera de las Cuevas, s/n, Capdepera, Majorca/ Phone: 34 971 841293)
Caves of Hams (Area: Carretera Manacor | km 11, Porto Cristo, Majorca / web:

You can avail different type of transportation.    The island has buses, trains, and car rentals ready to take you anywhere you want to go. You may want to explore the island using public transport, you would be please to know that the island have a efficient timetable of public buses. If you want to see the city through hopping on and hopping off from one place to another, taking a bus is a cheap and ideal option for you.