Mallorca has two railway lines. Both have terminals in Palma’s Placa d’Espanya. The first, a27km long narrow gauge track runs north through the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains to the village of Soller. This course together with a short boat ride around the harbour at Soller is the best way to get the finest view of the island.

The track ends at a converted 17th Century manor house in the old village of Soller. It is where a tram then makes the trip down to the coast. It is amazing that for the past 90 years Mallorca is still having that vintage brass and mahogany carriages that are the trademark of the train.

The second route is more commercial and has limited scenic. It is operated by Transport de les Illes Balears (T.I.B.).  It heads north throughout the plains to the town of Inca.  It also passes through the other many villages . Once at Inca, you can take a bus ride to Lluc monastery. You can also continue on the train to Sa Manacor  or Pobla.

These are numerous advantages that you can have out of travelling by train. Rail travel is one of the relaxing and eco-friendly modes of transportation. It is not that often affected by weather situation. It rarely has delays. It allows you to move around the train and assume different positions and lesser possibility of muscle fatigue. It is very relaxing as compared to being in a crowded plane. It does not require you to remove personal property in order to travel. It allows you to enjoy the scenes of the countryside. It usually brings you to where ever you want to go. It is very affordable as compared to other modes of transport.