When you are sure to make a new life in the island of Mallorca, you might as well need to get a new job. Finding a job in Mallorca can be hard. You must be aware prior to moving that the island has been hit by global economic crisis. However, despite the economic recession, Mallorca still offers many positions available for you. You just need to know where to find.

If you speak English, you can find a job in the tourism sector. There is also a huge demand for workforce in the tourism industry due to the increasing influx of tourist in the island every year.  80 percent of Mallorca’s Gross domestic product is dependent on Tourism and 50 percent of the island’s employment is working in this sector. It is expected though that the compensation is generally low compared to the other European cities.

Many opportunities are open for job seekers who can speak Spanish and English. Jobs in Hotel, Catering and Restaurant, Clubs and Bars industries such as security positions, public relations, reception, dancer, are in demand.

You need to know that if you are not a European Union citizen, you require applying for a three-month visa.  Only European Union citizens are exempted to visa but would need to get N.I.E. number (Numero de Identification Fiscal) to be legally employed. N.I.E. number is a tax identification number for foreigners similar to the National Insurance number for citizens of United Kingdom. To get N.I.E. number, you need to go to a police station with your original passport and a photocopy. You need to fill out a form. You will get your N.I.E. number will immediately or will be provided with a temporary card.