Moving to Mallorca

Mallorca’s captivating environment has made the island not just a desirable vacation getaway but also a dream permanent residence for many people. If you are thinking of moving in this paradise yourself, it will be helpful to have plans before taking the leap. This will help you with your smooth transition It will also increase your chances of enjoying your new home.

To begin with, you need to gather facts about the real life in the island. You have to find out and learn from actual experiences of the locals and the expat community. Get to know the pros and cons of your every decision. You also have to see through a number of ways to cope with this such as m talking with the locals and getting informed through expat blogs and forums.

The next thing to consider are the basics necessities like finding for a place to live, arranging with professional movers, checking schools and others. Also, here are other things to consider when making your moving plans.

Airport . To or From Palma’s airport, you take a bus number 1 ride for €1.85. This will take 20 minutes. If want to take the taxi to Palma instead, it would cost around €12- €15. This would usually take just 15 minutes.

Public Transportation. You can always find bus everywhere in the island. Within the capital Palma, you can travel with credit cards which you can purchase credit card in Papershops for €8. It will give you up to10 journeys. The bus goes all the way to the island’s centre to the Illetas beach.

Electricity. It is usually 220 or 225 volts AC, 50Hz.

Telephone. The islands’s Country code is (+34) and Area code is 971.

Moving to Mallorca should not be a stressful and frustrating process. It just needs to have careful planning and good decision. You require in depth research and preparation to achieve your goals.