Famous people of these days are from Mallorca. To name a few, you have Raphael Nadal one among the great tennis players to date who has been nicknamed “Muscles from mallorca” and the ‘King Clay”. A multiple Grand Slam winner and held the World Number One ranking in each year since 2008.

Joan Miro

In paints Mallorca could always be proud of Joan Miro, a surrealist artist. Should you want to find a collection of his work drawn from the realm of memory and imaginative fantasy which are most original of the 20th century these are on show in Cala Major-

Frederic Chopin

When it comes to composer and pianist, Frederic Chopin who spent most of his times in Mallorca and believed to have a mistress there named George Sand wrote letters to his friends in Paris mentioning his love for the island.

Ramon Llull

The people of Mallorca had as well been blessed with the philosopher and missionary from Palma. Ramon Llull, the Father of Catalan Language devoted himself to prayer and study, and writing of algebra and metaphysics in Catalan and Latin. Later, he established an Oriental language school at Valldernossa and learned Arabic from a Moorish slave. He ended up his life stoned to death while attempting to convert Muslims in Tunisia.

People in Mallorca does range from such great ones in the past to fascinating people from the celebrity to those in the business circles, or from health experts to those who want to find a new and better life in the island. It may be well to mention a few of them like Laura Stadler, Chairman of Aston Villa Football Club, and Alvaro Reynolds on classical concerts meeting David Gomez to hear his plans for Chopin.

Yet, it could as well be good to talk about people in Mallorca who has gone through some trouble or lack of luck and that’s when you hear what happened in Magaluf when people are fighting, mobs attacking cars, people lying in their own vomitm women peeing in the street, couples meeting and immediately carrying out sex acts for all to see. These are some kind of things you would either like or not with people in Mallorca. Sure, your are likely going to be close there to funny accidents.