Top Attractions

Sightseeing is a great way to learn more about an area and Mallorca is an island loaded with history and sights that wait to be explore. There are many beautiful attractions in the island, from its excellent beaches, to its marvelous caves, stunning rugged mountains and historically significant attractions. Below is a list of some of Mallorca’s most terrific natural and historical attractions.

1. Nature’s Splendor

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the island of Mallorca offers the rather perfect weather to enjoy its’ beaches, caves and mountains.

Here are some of the attractions in Mallorca that you would never want to miss:

Sierra de Tramuntana – Mountain range that is found along the island’s northern coast and was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2011 for being in great Physical and Cultural significance.

Formentor peninsula – Mountain with splendid beauty located at the north-east end. With rock extending like a giant finger into the Mediterranean, it offers a very stunning scene.

Caves of Drach (Coves del Drach) – one of the most impressive caves which have become a prominent attraction in the entire island. Nestle on the east coast of Mallorca in Porto Cristo, the caves have four amazing chambers with thousands of stalactites that are made even more amazing by the lighting arrangements. The two other impressive caves are the Caves of Arta found in the north east of the island and the Caves of Hams in the east coast.

2. Historical Wonders

Mallorca is also known for its rich history and fascinating sights. The island is packed with old churches and other remains of past centuries. The following are some of the most famous historical attractions here that are definitely a must see:

Bellver (beautiful view) is a Gothic style, 14th century, circular Castle found on a hill 3 km northwest of Palma de Mallorca.

Mallorca’s spiritual core, Monestir de Nostra Senyora de Lluc (Santuari de Lluc for short) is the island’s oldest holy site, situated in the north of the island.

Palma La Seu Cathedral (or simply La Seu) is Mallorca’s magnificent 14th century Gothic Cathedral which house many archaeological attractions and historical artifacts.