When to Visit Mallorca?

Mallorca is a beautiful island composed mainly of sand, sea and sun, which a lot of holidaymakers are looking for. With 300 days of sunshine annually, the island is an ideal destination throughout the year. Surrounded with ocean prevents extreme weather in the sunny island Mallorca. The island normally experiences great Mediterranean weather that varies depending on the season.

January and February

January and February, the coldest months of the year with the average temperature of 15 degree Celsius during the day. Look forward to cheap hotels and flights starting on the 6th day of January. The month of February is the beginning of the almond blossom, which means that there are a few more tourists on the island than in the previous month. There are often rains in the island with night temperatures around 5 to 10 degree Celsius. The mountainous areas of the island usually receive a fair amount of snowfall. On the other hand, snowfall at sea-level is very rare, but the sea is still much too cold for swimming.

March and April

From March to April, the amount of tourists increases every week especially two weeks before the Holy week. In April, the island’s temperatures climb to over 20 degree Celsius during the day, making it ideal for cycling, hiking and sightseeing. There is less rain than in winter although there are few rainy days within a week.

May and June

The months known to be the start of tourist season in the beautiful island of Mallorca, May and June. The weather is rather perfect with a number of hot days and some mild days along with little rain. Although hotels get more expensive these months, but there are a lot of festivals and celebrations plus free concerts and shows all over the island. In June, hikers and cyclists lay low due to the hot climate but they are replaced with the sand-sea-sun tourists.

July and August

July and August is known to be the hottest months in the island with almost no rain and scorching hot weather (more or less 30 degrees Celsius in most days). These months are also known to be the peak of the tourist season. Expect to see a huge number of beach-loving tourists along the beach line during the day and party goers at clubs, bars and other concert venues at night. There are also more festivals and celebrations plus free concerts and shows are also present during these months. Aside from more expensive hotels and car rentals, finding accommodation in island is also difficult (piece of advice: book ahead).

September and October

The months for the elderly and single tourists, September and October. Although the weather is rather perfect (temperature around 23 to 27 degree Celsius in the afternoon), but most family-vacationers left the island to resume classes and works. The island is mostly dry with some short but strong rainfalls.

November and December

Although there are some really warm days and the sea is usually warm enough to swim, many hotels close at the beginning of November. From the second half of November until December, the days tend to have less than 20 degree Celsius. There are also shorter days, which gets dark before 6pm.