Having a Mediterranean climate, Mallorca is an island with 80% sunshine throughout the year. Mediterranean climate is known for being subtropical with mild, rainy winters and hot, bright summers. It has an ideal weather for vacation, which tends to remain in the mild to warm zone all over the year. The mountain ranges and seaside are great for those looking for a holiday in the sun. Occasionally, the peak of the mountains on the eastern and northwestern parts of the island experience snowfall even if the sun overflows in the lower areas.

Winter in Mallorca

The coldest months in Mallorca are from December to February. The mild winter in the island presents lots of sun, but can get very cold and wet with fine, mild weather on most days. The temperature during this season is normally around 15 degrees during the day and 5 to 10 degrees with frequent rains at night. During this season, the island sometimes experience snowfall on the mountainous areas and very rare at sea-level.

Spring in Mallorca

Between March and May the weather is generally pleasant with sea temperature warming up after winter. During these months, the temperatures go up to around 18 to 20 degrees. The days are normally hot with less rain than in winter but there are still rainy days almost every week. Nights may still get cold during spring in the island.

Summer in Mallorca

Known as the tourist season, the long, sunny days in Mallorca is from June to August. During this season, you can expect to enjoy about 11 hours of sun with almost no rain each day in the island. These sunny, hot months with cool breeze makes the hot temperature more pleasant. This season is the ideal weather for holiday-makers that are looking for the sun.

Autumn in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a generally sunny and pleasant temperature during the autumn season. Between September and November the weather tends to have warm days, chilly nights with occasional rainfall and cooler sea temperature. From September to October, the temperature is usually 23 to 27 degrees in the afternoon with some short but strong rainfalls. In November the island still offer nice temperatures of less than 20 degrees during the day and around 6 degrees at night.